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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

18 Ways To Come Up With Your Next Startup Ideas

  1. Ask yourself-How is the current product too complicated? What simple little thing could you do to just make it simpler.
  2. Ask again-why it doesn't work better and how to resolve the problem.
  3. The keys to getting the good ideas is to have lots of them
  4. When you encounter a problem think through all the possible ways of resolving it.
  5. Know about different disciplines, and have broad knowledge. Innovation often comes from crossbreeding different disciplines.
  6. Ask yourself why it hasn't been improved in the way you think would work.
  7. Stay away from TechCrunch or Mashable and look outside the box
  8. Put yourself in a new state of mind.Get out of your demographic.
  9. It’s hard to make a good product if it doesn't solve a problem you are personally facing.
  10. Maintain a sense of curiosity in the world around you, a mental flexibility to entertain odd possibilities
  11. Being creative is a habit you get into, maintain that habit constantly
  12. Find an active forum. Make it easier for someone (or a group) to do something they’re talking about doing there, it could be your next startup
  13. Keep a small notepad and pen(cil) nearby, and write down your ideas the instant they come.
  14. Take a different route home.
  15. Think about the most normal, expected solution to a problem would be, and then try to imagine the opposite.
  16. When you see something that annoys you, think about how to solve it.
  17. Talk about your ideas with friends. Get feedback. Tweak and repeat.
  18. Be in-the-know about breaking trends.
 Have more ways of your own? Do share!

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