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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Entrepreneurs: Verbs for your 2013 plan

A whole new year is approaching and I am sure most of you have a list of things that you want to accomplish this year. But as the year rolls forward sometimes you just hold back from doing what you planned or wished to do. You hold back maybe because you have a reason, an assumption, or someone convinced you why you should hold back. Whatever the barrier is you can overcome it in 2013 by making verbs part of your plan. Here are some tips that works for me and may be it will work for you too.

1. Go Do it – You can come up with all the scenarios and play them out in the mind but until you actually do it you will never gain the true experience. All experiences are useful. If you were involved in something you did not like, that experience will tell you what not to try next time and/or how to do it differently. So do things that you really want to know what it is like doing them. You will grow from the experience. Your mind learns new things through experience , and entrepreneurship is all about experience and learning.

2. Learn about thyself - Learn about what defines you [daily]. Be conscious about what you are doing, reading, liking, disliking, getting attracted to, etc. Ask yourself why did you take an action or not take an action, why did you like or dislike something, etc. If you can answer thewhy then you will be learning more about yourself.  Once you know about yourself you will [almost] always make decisions or choices that you will not regret. Your mind loves to learn about itself; it evolves from the process.
3. Create alone or together - I am sure you have heard about the half full/empty glass theory. I will put a little twist to the optimistic/pessimistic part of this theory. Get creative about what can you do with the glass half full, in other words with what is already available to you; and get creative about what you can do to fill in the half empty glass. Creativity is always in short supply. Getting creative does not always mean doing it alone. So if you are finding it hard to get creative then you can involve a family member, a friend or someone who can help you get the creative energy flowing. Together you can either brainstorm ideas, discuss pros & cons or explore topics. Your mind enjoys the adventure during the creative process.

4. Let passion Drive you, not money - Many entrepreneurs focus on the money – be it seed money for R&D, marketing or getting money from revenue. Yes money is important but if you are driven by your passion, striving for excellence  and you are learning, growing and diving deeper into your passion, money will come. Your mind will be a lot more effective and productive when it is driven by passion.

Our mind is very powerful and it can come up with all the reasons, assumptions and theories why we should not do something. You should use your mind for doing and that will make you learn, which in turn might make you create and you might discover your passion which will drive you to doing more and the loop continues. 
So what are you waiting for? Put these verbs in your plan - Do, Learn, Create and Drive, and get started by doing what is on your list. 

Come back share with us what you have done, learned, created and what drove you. Have a Happy Entrepreneurial New Year 2013.

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