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Thursday, October 18, 2012

1st edition of the competition "Calabria Dinamica. Mediterranean Startup Network Awards"

The first edition of the competition "Calabria Dinamica. Mediterranean Startup Network Awards" was kicked off 10 days ago on the 8th of October 2012!

The competition aims at new startups that are formed in the last 4 years. Startup owners and entrepreneurs take part by posting their website link on the competition pages that are currently running on both Facebook and LinkedIn. They get assessed solely on the content available on the public websites and are given scores by the Evaluation Committee. 

As founder of StartupProPlus.com, I'm honored to have been invited to the committee by the Committee and Competition Chair Mr. Domenico Nicolo.

The deadline is on the 20th of October. So hurry up!! Post your startup website using the links below now!

Click to join on LinkedIn

Click to join on FaceBook

Contest Rules for the nomination in the 1th edition of the competition "Calabria Dinamica. Mediterranean Startup Network Awards"

-Who can participate? 
All start-ups corporations existing from no more than four years

-How to submit your application to the competition?
Startups can submit the application by pasting their website, facebook page or blog URL in the following ways:

a) as a comment to the note in the facebook page "Calabria Dinamica"

b) as a comment to this discussion in the Linkedin group "Calabria Dinamica Mediterranen Startup"

You should not send the busines plan.

-What are the evaluation criteria?
Commitee will evaluate each startup only on the basis of the publicly available information on the website, facebook page or blog of the startup competition participants.
Startups should not send any further information to the members of the evaluation committee

-How will the score attribuited to startups?
Each member of the committee will have a total of 10 points that might distribute among the start-ups that he considers best.
After evaluation by the Committee, shall publish the list of the best start-ups.

There are no cash prizes.

The best startups selected by the committee will be able to participate in a subsequent competition that will provide for the allocation of preferences only by fans.

Participating in the competition startups expressly declare that they accept the rules stated in this note


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