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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Steps To Starting An Online Business-The Basics

Steps To Starting An Online Business-The Basics
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If you want to start a business of your own do you know how to do it? I would suggest you start a business that uses the Internet in as many ways as possible. With that in mind let’s look at the basicsteps to starting an online business anyone can follow to get their business off the ground.

1. Business model. This is extremely important. You can make money on the Internet in numerous ways.

These include selling products of your own, selling someone else’s products, lead generation, pay per click advertising, and many more.

Don’t have a product or service? I would suggest you look closely at the affiliate marketing model. This will let you get started and make money in multiple ways if you do not have your own product or service to sell.

2. Join a handful of affiliate programs for free. The ones I recommend are Clickbank for digital information, Amazon for physical and digital products, Commissions Junction for cost per action programs, and Google Adsense for pay per click income.

3. Choose a niche. Pick something you have an interest in, are an expert at, or have a passion for. There are literally millions of ways to make money in niche marketing.

The key when you first start is to enjoy it. This way you will want to work at it even when you are not making money at first.

4. Buy a domain name. Name Cheap, Go Daddy, and other domain sites will let you purchase a domain name for your new business for under $15 a year.

Choose one that describes what your business is about. Try and get a keyword phrase in the domain name that people search for relating to your business.

For example, if you are an accountant in Denver choose something like AccountantInDenver dot com. If you are going to offer gardening tips choose something like BestGardeningTips dot com. Always go with the .com, .net, or .org if they are available.

5. Website Hosting. Blue Host is an excellent place to host your new online business. They have the Fantastico Program so you can use WordPress to build your website.

This is not hard to do. However, you can outsource this for $5 at Fiverr.com. You can also find people to build you a complete site with content at the Warrior Forum. Look closely at what Verena has to offer for only $25. http://www.warriorforum.com/complete-web-sites-sale

If you are building your own site use your WordPress Theme as a static home page. You can add affiliate banners for your various products to it and improve it over time.

6. Education. Learn how to market online. This is one of the most crucial steps to starting an online business. Up to this point you have concentrated on the research and development stage of your new online business.

Now it’s time to begin learning how you are going to drive traffic to your new website. Millions of attractive websites have been set up and never made any money because the Internet marketer never learned a couple of meaningful traffic generation skills.

The bottom line is if you do not learn how to get website visitors you will never make any money. Again this is something you can pay people to do.

The Warrior Forum is an excellent place to learn Internet marketing skills for free. In the affiliate marketing business model I suggest you join the Affiliate Power Group and take their $1 trial offer.

This is a paid membership program that gives you access to professional affiliate marketing coaching. You can also interact with other Internet marketers who are building their online business just like you are.

7. Get to work. The majority of your time will be spent promoting your new online business. Use free and paid advertising to create a well rounded marketing mix.

Follow these steps for starting an online business and you will be off to a good start!

In closing, let me recommend an excellent affiliate program that I have been a member of for several years called SFI. If you are looking for a top-notch affiliate program, check it out. It’s free to join.


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