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Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Beginners Guide to Starting a New Business

If you are thinking about starting a new business online, good for you! You’ve already probably read all about those guys (and gals) who have gotten rich doing what you are thinking about doing. Many of these internet gurus have income figures per month that are many times what most of us make annually. So how do you as someone new to starting an online business become a success? Glad you asked!
You would think it would be as simple as copying what those who are successful did. And while that’s certainly part of the success formula it’s not that simple. In fact, if we are being honest it’s not that simple. There’s hard work in starting a new business and being successful, but it’s also exciting and very rewarding.
If you’re ready for some heard work and you’ve got a positive attitude you’re on the right road. Those gurus that are making the big bucks – they “think big.” You must believe in yourself and your ability to succeed. Great so you’ve got a positive attitude, you’re thinking big, and you’ve got goals, so now what? Now you need action.
If you never act on your dreams and goals you can never be successful. If you do nothing then nothing will change. That means if you don’t act on your dreams and goals your life will stay exactly as is. If you put all kinds of effort into your new business then you reap the benefits in the form of profits. You’ll be a success.
Great so you’ve got a great attitude, goals, and you’re acting – now what. Well if that’s all there was to it every one of us would be a millionaire. So let’s look at what else you need to do.
1. Write a business plan and choose a business model
2. Get any assistance or training you might need
3. Come up with the name for your business
4. Register your business name
5. Find your funding
6. Get all logistics worked out – ie registering a limited company, getting tax numbers
7. Find the right people to work with you
8. Establish brand recognition
9. Market and Sell
10. Enjoy the profits of your hard work
Starting a new business is an exciting time in your life. Enjoy it. You might be a beginner now, but you won’t be for long. You’re ready to enjoy success, so get busy.



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